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It is free and it's online; what are you waiting for?!

We are speaking about our TranscriptPlatform of course! Designed by our expert technical team our free, online, secure and user friendly transcription platform, aims at making transcribing smarter! Now you can finally stop, chasing transcribers and going through confusing phone trees.

Get a transcript in 5 easy steps…
And it is as easy as setting up a Gmail account!

  • Set up a client login account to access TranscriptPlatform and set your username and password.
  • Upload your recordings.Choose your TAT and select the audio category your file falls under.
  • Our app will calculate your transcribing cost and generate a bill amount. You can pay through Google Checkout or PayPal
  • Receive your completed and proofed transcripts from our app. You can download your transcript as a Word document, PDF file in Notepad or as a HTML file.
  • Found a missing word? One of the biggest advantages of receiving a transcript through TranscriptPlatform is that you can edit your transcripts online. Fill in words and add details that you left out while recording, easily.
  • You can embed TranscriptPlatform in your website and access our application from anywhere, any time!
Perfect synchronization!

Get interactive and perfectly synchronized transcripts. Your audio data and textual transcripts are synchronized. The words in the transcript are highlighted in synch with your audio data. You can click on a frame to view a particular word in the transcript, or click your transcript to locate a particular frame.

You can type out what you are searching for in the search box to make editing easier!

Do you have a YouTube channel?

You can interface with our TranscriptPlatform application. Forget about long and tedious transcribing processes. We can set up a secure application programming interface with your video channel, video blogs, YouTube account, website or any other online platform you store your recordings in.

"Transcription Platform has made transcribing smarter, quicker and affordable. And I love the fact that it's all online" Cathy Bieber, Research analyst LA.


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