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Want to transcribe TV interviews?

Here are five reasons why you should stop looking further!

  • We understand television lingo. Whether it is codecs or timecodes work with a transcriber who understands your world.
  • InterviewTranscriptionStar transcribes interviews at lightening quick turnarounds.
  • Our team of quality analysts ensures your interview transcripts are perfect.
  • We offer rough cut and fine cut transcripts.
  • CNBC, History channel and 7th empire media are just some of the major television channels and media houses we've worked with.
A transcript for every need…

Whether it is a timecoded transcript of your location interviews or a dialogue script that includes screen captions, credits and graphics, we deliver what you need! We also offer full detailed transcripts to help make the editing process easier. Our transcripts can help you promote interesting sound-bytes and create string-outs.

We understand that some television interviews need to be transcribed quickly for legal or marketing reasons. You can trust us to provide a rush transcript anytime you need one!

Re-versioned transcripts!

Are you television production house and work with various networks? We can re-version your interview transcripts and work according to your requirements. Our broadcast scripts are accurate, compliant and timely. We always meet our deadlines so you will have no trouble meeting yours!

Stop worrying about data leakages!

Your data security matters a lot to us! We follow data security and encryption protocols so you don't have to be worried about your data reaching the wrong hands.

It is not just the big guys!

Okay. So we work with television networks, channels and major production firms. That means we work with the biggies. Nope. Our services are affordable and scalable. We work with journalists on a shoestring budget, who, need to get their TV interview transcripts on time. And yes, excited viewers who want their fave TV interviews transcribed.

You can also contact us for…

InterviewTranscriptionStar can also subtitle and caption your interviews. We can also offer blueprints for your subtitling needs. If you are looking to convert your television interviews to text there is just one number you need to call on!