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We can do a lot for you! We can take care of the difficult task, of converting your interviews into text for one. We can make your interviews more search engine friendly and professional. Is that all? Nope. We also offer captioning, subtitling and time stamping services. With us by your side, interviewing will never be the same again.

Vox pops, multi person interviews, one on one interviews, Skype interviews, video interviews… we transcribe them all! Our versatility, quickness and cost effective prices have made us the market leader in interview transcription.

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  • Why work with an ordinary transcriber when you can work with the experts? Our interview transcribing services are professional to a fault. And we direct our energies and expertise towards making transcribing a better experience for you. We can time stamp your interviews, caption your video interviews and work without a pause. To make working with us a sweeter experience we also provide several offers!

    All our transcribers are qualified and educated professionals and offer their services 24/7. We pull out all stops to be the best at what we do and going by our growing clientele we certainly are! If you are not working with us you are clearly making a compromise! We just made receiving a perfect transcript easier!

  • Your dollars are important! We help you get the most out of every single cent you pay! Interviewtranscriptionstar offers the most cost effective prices in town. Our bill will take you by pleasant surprise and there is nothing behind the smokescreen. Transparent rates and low costs have always been our USP. You don't have to take our word for it. Download our rate card to know for yourself!

  • What makes over 500 people bank on us? It is our proven expertise. We have a specialized transcribing team to handle a wide range of interviews. It is expertise that makes us understand the most difficult of accents. Never miss a deadline. And always deliver a transcript that is flawless. We are great to work with because you when you work with experts, every little thing, is taken care of.

  • TranscriptPlatform is the online transcription platform you were hoping for. It is cost free, hassle free, secure and easy to work with. The minute you complete our simple registration process you can access TranscriptPlatform and upload your recordings. Retrieve your transcript in 4 different file formats. So what is the deal clincher? You get transcripts that are perfectly synchronized to your recording.

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“Working with Interviewtranscriptionstar has been one of the best decisions I've ever taken. Being in the marketing research field I always have a bunch of research interviews and vox pops to transcribe. Now I've finally found someone to trust them with”

Jacob Winston ,Marketing research executive

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