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What do you do when you recieve an interview with overlapping voices and static noise? At InterviewTranscriptionStar we offer a perfect transcript regardless of how clear the recording is. Here is a sample interview transcript of a one on one interview we transcribed, of a mentor who works with developmentally challenged children.

Interviewee:  I don't know, I…so I don't know if that's the right word to use, it's more her strategies.

Interviewer:  Okay.

Interviewee:   So maybe as you listen you'll think that strategies.  She really has difficulty with a lot of concepts.  As she came
 up through the case program, she probably should not have moved on with the… Do you know how the case program basically splits, 
 so all these kids start as developmentally delayed.

Interviewer:   Yeah.

Interviewee:   And they're kind of together in these developmentally delayed classrooms.  And then…

Interviewer:   Like separate and in the public setting, but pulled, yeah.

Interviewee:   Right.  Case classrooms that are substantially separate classrooms within a larger school.  And then what happens,
 so they do K-12 in one class and then they are moved to another school.  So she went from Acton to Maynard or to Harvard.  And
  some of the kids, I won't say fell off, but went to a class that wasn't as academic.

Interviewer:   Okay.

Interviewee:   Jessica moved ahead with the more academic group.

Interviewer:   And that particular classroom was in Harvard.

Interviewee:   Yes it was… so then she did three, four, five there.

Interviewer:   Okay.

Interviewee:   And then at that point they split again and some of the kids went to a less academic class in Concord, actually 
and the more academic kids went to Maynard.

Interviewer:   Okay.

Interviewee:   So and then from Maynard most of the…

Interviewer:   And did she go to the Maynard program?

Interviewee:   Yes, went to the Maynard program.

Interviewer:   Okay.



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