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Don't let years of research go in vain!

Are you obsessed with getting the facts right? So are we. InterviewTranscriptionStar is trusted by researchers, scholars, marketing research firms and doctoral students. Painstakingly collected research data can look like gibberish if transcribed by the wrong person.

Quotes being attributed to the wrong person and ridiculously misspelt words can ruin months of hard work.

Our clients come back to us because of our…

  • Accuracy
  • Swiftness
  • Vast experience
  • 24/7 workflow process
  • Affordability
And yes there is one more reason…

What works for our clients' works for us! We work according to the specifications of our clients. Everything right from inserting time stamps and time codes to working with a template you are comfortable with, we do all that we can to offer client specific services.

Every transcript goes through rigorous quality checks. You don't have to sit and proof transcripts as we do it for you.

Marketing research interviews usually contain stats, numbers and heavy jargon. Just the stuff the novice transcribers, nightmares are made of! You can bank on the decade long experience of InterviewTranscriptionStar to not bat an eyelid even if you send us the noisiest or complicated audio content on earth!

Now we were saving the best for the last!

Want to slash down on your bill? There are a bunch of transcription offers and discounts that can help you save up on costs. There is our group referral offer, bulk volume discounts and group discounts. For once you walked away with the best prices without bargaining. 6QX8SH82WXPE


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