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There aren't many reporters in this day and age who use their pen and notebook to jot down every quote said and every movement made in their endless array of interviews. We have moved on to voice recorders. Does this make work simple? Nope. It now creates another speed breaker: transcription. Transcribing interviews from these records is a painfully long process especially when deadlines have to be met. And every interviewer/reporter/whatever else you call 'em, is looking for an automated solution to the problem of journalistic interview transcription. InterviewTranscriptionStar is one among very few service providers who are brave enough to step into this field and save you the trouble. Our technology is as fast as you want it to be. Read on to see what we can do.

Stay where you are

  • Are you hooked onto radio?
  • Do you host a radio show?
  • Can't get enough of Rush Limbaugh?

Right from practicing calisthenics in the morning to driving home at night, radio is a constant companion. If you love your radio shows send them to us. We offer accurate transcripts of radio shows, at costs that will have you sending in more shows for transcription to us. From Rush Limbaugh to Dave Ramsey we've transcribed them all.

We never make a mistakeā€¦

And that is the reason why excited callers, listeners, radio content developers, radio show hosts and researchers, dial our number to get a perfect radio interview transcript! Transcribing radio interviews is a tough job. Varying accents is just one of the many challenges a transcriber faces.

Call-in interviews, in particular, can be chaotic. With callers besides themselves with excitement and a host caught off guard, it can be incredibly tough for transcribers. At InterviewTranscriptionStar, we have a team of radio transcription experts. They turn in a perfect transcript, no matter how poor the quality of your recording is.

Want a time-stamped transcript?

We make it easy for radio show producers! Our perfectly time stamped transcripts can make editing of pre-recorded radio shows a breeze. We can insert time stamps according to your specifications or follow our standard procedure of inserting time-stamps.

In need of speaker identified transcripts?

Archive your radio shows with our speaker identified transcripts. We have archived radio shows for several popular radio production houses and radio networks. We also offer rush transcripts for those "we have no time" moments.

Your best bet!

Our radio transcription services are highly scalable. Whether it is a half an hour recording or a compilation of shows, we offer highly scalable support. Our TAT options are also extremely flexible. That is one of the reasons why we are the leading radio transcribing firms. Our services are client specific and our world tilts on your axis!

The smart way to transcribe!

TranscriptPlatform is a free, online transcription platform that is aimed at making radio transcription smarter. Get interactive transcripts that are synchronized to your radio recordings. Don't bother memorizing phone numbers! Get your transcript without the hassle of long winded calls or back and forth. Now it just takes a few clicks to receive a perfect transcript!