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One less thing to worry about!

Do you have a recording that needs to be transcribed? Well, you have one less thing to be worried about. And it is your biggest worry, prices. We don't send you a bill that will leave you gob-smacked. Your only surprise will be how affordable we are! Our prices are entirely transparent and we don't keep you guessing.

Why our prices are special?!

Everybody promises great prices. There are few who go beyond sales talk. We always deliver what we promise, and when we say low prices, honest to god we mean it!

  • Our interview transcription rates are almost a half of what other professional firms charge.
  • We charge just 60 dollars for an hour of audio and that works out to just a dollar a minute.
  • There are heavy discounts we offer to reduce your prices further. We have a huge range of cost cutting offers
  • Our captioning and subtitling prices come with the smallest of price tags.
  • We offer a price calculator that will help you calculate costs beforehand.
Apps don't lie!

You must be tired of witty sales pitches that talk you into buying snakeskin potion. We are the byword when it comes to transparency, you can now calculate your costs yourself. Use our cost calculator to know your bill. Enter TAT details, the category your audio file falls under and duration. And, voila, you know for sure how many dollars you need to put aside.

Our pricing policy…

There are no smoky mirrors at InterviewTranscriptionStar. What you see is what you get. All our prices and pricing parameters are transparent. We ensure there is no discrepancy in what you are promised and what you receive. We slot audio categories based on consistent, easily understandable and transparent parameters.

As a busy business person, harried student or hot shot journalist, there is a lot on your plate already. Let guessing about what price tags your interview transcripts come with, be the least of your concerns.

To make your wallet happy call 1 877 323 4707

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  • Rush Turn Around
  • Super Rush TAT
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Category A


per minute

  • 12-48 HRS
  • 12-24 HRS
  • 12 HRS
  • Good
  • Yes
  • Standard

Category b


per min

Category c


per minute

  • 12-48 HRS
  • 12-24 HRS
  • 12 HRS
  • Poor
  • Yes
  • Standard


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