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More than one-to-one

Ofcourse not all companies approach the one-to-one interviews especially when there is a mass job intake. Multi-participant interviews are resorted to. They save time and simplify recruitment procedures. However, the difficulty lies with the number of interviewees and interviewers in a single interview. It becomes hard to follow each person and choose a candidate worthy of the job. Though the interview is recorded, transcriptions cannot be made by the company staff. You need a transcription provider.

Can we do it?

InterviewTranscriptionStar is already specialised in transcribing focus groups and seminars that involve more than ten persons. This, in fact, is a part of such a multi-person recording. So, our professionals find transcribing such recordings regular and easy. Their experience easily comes to your benefit. We also have a separate supervisory system that ensures that not a single order is neglected and that we meet deadlines, even emergency requirements. Yes, we can do it.

Look at the mechanism

We are equipped with personnel who are fluent in more than one language and in every popular accent. Once they transcribe, the transcription undergoes a three tier quality check to ensure that not a single punctuation has been forgotten. Our accuracy has been commended and the mechanism, lauded by our existing customers. All transactions happen online and so, all you have to do is upload your recording online and we will mail you the interview transcription in less than a day. Look at the amount of time this mechanism saves you!

There is no hole in your pocket

Our costs are one of our biggest advantages. We charge almost half of what other interview transcription providers charge. Moreover, we offer special discounts to clients who have given us more than a specific number of recordings for transcriptions. We provide free trials to our newcomers. You get the best deals with us.

Why InterviewTranscriptionStar?

No other transcription provider is available 24/7/365 at the rates we offer. Moreover, we are the only ones who are ready to go that extra mile to ensure you receive your specifications, be it, confidentiality or recording equipments or emergency services. We have it all! All you have to do now is call 1-877-323-4707 and place your order!


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