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Journalistic Interview Transcription

There aren't many reporters in this day and age who use their pen and notebook to jot down every quote said and every movement made in their endless array of interviews. We have moved on to voice recorders. Does this make work simple? Nope. It now creates another speed breaker: transcription. Transcribing interviews from these records is a painfully long process especially when deadlines have to be met. And every interviewer/reporter/whatever else you call 'em, is looking for an automated solution to the problem of journalistic interview transcription. InterviewTranscriptionStar is one among very few service providers who are brave enough to step into this field and save you the trouble. Our technology is as fast as you want it to be. Read on to see what we can do.

Stay where you are

You don't have to come to our office. If you need a recording to be transcribed, all you got to do is upload the recording and send it to us. We have a unique database for every client which can be accessed by the client with an id and password we provide. Once the recording is uploaded, our interview transcripts use the latest software to transcribe and send you the whole interview in no time at all.

We speak dialect

Ofcourse, not every interview is in conversational English. Some are flowered with technical jargon. Some are in a different dialect even. Fret not. We have a range of transcripts who work with English and other languages, jargoned or not. The language never slows our speed of transcription.

We know variety

Our interview transcription services do not have restrictions. We cover all the varieties of interviews. You name it. We can transcribe one-on-one interviews, multi-party interviews, telephonic interviews, Skype interviews conducted by journalists.

All you have to do

Our transcription services are plenty. For journalistic interview transcriptions, all that the customer has to do is record the interview. But, even if that is not possible, we can do it all. We have sufficient number of professionals in the field, so much so, that we can send one of ours to record the interview for you and upload it in the online database. How easy is that!

'Hush' is the word

Interviews may require secrecy. We guarantee that our transcripts and professionals are well qualified and reliable individuals in the field. Our online database allows exclusive access to you and enables you to see the transcription process online from the comfort of your home. We are surely even ready to sign confidentiality agreements if so required.

Oh the cost!

The first thing, a customer gets to receive once he partners with us is our cost calculator. It's an app which lets you calculate the cost by entering the details of your requirements. This ensures complete transparency and prices would be the least of your concerns

Why us?

Our services are available 24/7/365. We don't take breaks and that is what proves our high rate of consumer satisfaction. Our prices are special and our services are the best available. Try our trial transcription service now. We are just a phone call away.


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