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We all know what group discussions are. They have been part of recruitment processes and job interviews for time immemorial. Now, group discussions have come out of the job interview 'box' and has become a part of many other activities such as skills training, workshops and project assignments. It is an effective and more informal tool to solve business difficulties. Nevertheless, these discussions also need to be recorded for official purposes. Again, a interview transcription service can only save the day.

Introducing InterviewTranscriptionStar

We are an association of people who have dedicated ourselves to transcribing recordings of interviews, discussions, seminars and what not. As we are already well acquainted with the process of transcribing recordings which involve a number of individuals such as multiple participant interviews, focus groups, seminars and so on, this is part of what we are already experienced to perform. We have a skilled team who have the ability to transcribe recordings that may be in multiple accents in a speed you may have never experienced before. InterviewTranscriptionStar is a leading service provider and if you need the best transcriptions, you have to come to us.

Our online database is worth the applause

Here is what we do when you decide to employ our services. Every client receives a unique id and password which would enable him/her to access our online database that was created exclusively for the client. For receiving transcriptions, the customer just has to upload the recordings to this database and the professionals at our end will start their work. Also, the client will have the opportunity to monitor the process of transcription online and suggest changes if any. Once the transcription is complete, it goes through our three tier quality check and is uploaded back onto the database from which the client may download and view the interview transcript.

Are you on a budget?

So are we. We understand the importance of being economical whilst providing our services which is why our services are available at a special discounted price. We also offer free trials of our services. In addition, our cost calculator app lets you calculate the cost of your investment in us based on the duration length of the recordings, the quality of the recordings, the time taken to transcribe and the language used. Our prices justify the quality you shall receive.

You are a phone call away from receiving the best transcription service. Dial 1-877-323-4707 now and avail our special discounts!


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