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Focus Group Transcriptions

Focus group is a form of qualitative research wherein people are questioned about their responses, beliefs and opinions towards a particular product, service, advertisement, etc. It is commonly used by marketers to improve their services and by social scientists for conducting studies. These are similar to a group interview of 5 or more people to create an average of what the common man thinks. These interviews require to be recorded for further advancements within the firm.

Who we are

InterviewTranscriptionStar is one of the top ranked transcription service providers in the market presently. We offer the best transcripts to record and transcribe focus group interviews. Though focus groups take a long time and involve a huge number of people voicing their responses and ideas, it does not deter us from our efficacy.

Working on the recordings

We start working from the recording stage itself. We are equipped with the latest technology and recording devices that ensure that every slightest sound is recorded. Our staff can set the equipments at your place of meeting and ensure that the recordings are of high quality. And, the recordings can be any format as we have technicians to alter it as per requirements. Moreover, if there is urgency for the transcriptions, our interview transcripts can work on the focus groups simultaneously as the interview progresses.

We keep confidentiality

Our team is aware of the client's needs and understands that focus groups need exclusive confidentiality. We have a reputation for keeping the confidentiality of our clients. The supervisors in our team ensure that no recording is misplaced and every letter transcribed is instantaneously updated online.

Customised service

Some customers want us to remove the unnecessary words such as "uh's" out of the transcriptions while others may require a very strict interview transcription such that every breath is noted. We assure you that we operate as per your specifications. Our interview transcripts are well versed in the field and can appropriate work as the situation demands and according to the –client-preference.

Our costs

Our costs are surely customer friendly. We offer you your very own cost calculator so you may calculate the costs yourself. This ensures transparency and a surprise on your face. Also, we let you sample our service before you choose our service. We offer you to send us a 10 minute recording of one of your past focus group sessions. Our experts will send you the transcription within 24 hours and our quality will be in full visibility for you to decide.

Why us?

Our services are one of the fastest in the market. With our cost calculator and our dedicated customers, we are one step ahead of all other transcription services. We are at your service any time of the day or night. We ensure that your recordings are safe and kept confidential. We already have a huge customer base and would be glad if you would be part of this family. All you have to do is call us @ 1-877-323-4707. 9WA2NZCW2CE7


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