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Are you swamped by things to do?

Being a doctoral student can be quite a challenge. You are forever racing against the clock, recording interviews, being out on the field, collecting data and burning the midnight oil. Want a break from the routine? InterviewTranscriptionStar can offer you the much needed break. How?

We’ve been the wind beneath the wings of several doctoral students. We’ve helped them get closer to their dreams. Our dissertation interview transcribing support has helped students across the USA, escape from the torture and grind of transcribing recording.

4 reasons, how we can put the smile back on the faces of students!

  • Most universities accept pdf files for dissertation projects. We provide your dissertation transcripts in the pdf format.
  • All dissertation interview transcripts go through three tier quality checks and every word is proofed before it reaches you.
  • Our transcripts follow the specifications and formatting guidelines of universities. So you get a transcript ready for submission
  • You won’t have to worry about delayed transcripts. We know how important it is to be on time and never compromise on TAT.
Am on a bootstrap budget!

Scared to borrow your dad’s credit card again? We know being a student means being on a strict budget. Now don’t worry about how much your transcripts are going to cost. We are extremely low cost and charge 40% less than other dissertation interview transcription companies.

Now you just need to be online!

What do you have to do to receive a perfect transcript? Now all you’ll need is a broadband connection. Access our site through your pc or smartphone and register yourself in our free, online transcription platform. It is a quick and hassle free process. After setting a secure username and password you can upload your dissertation recordings, and determine, your, TAT.

What happens next? Well you receive an interactive transcript completely synchronized to your recording.

Are you a bargain hunter?

We all are. The best aspect of working with us is that you get the best deals without bargaining. Prices, TAT, quality, file security or client support, we up the game to give you the best.

If you are working on your dissertation have 1 877 323 4707 on speed dial!


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