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What business enterprises need?

Today, there are approximately 33 million companies in the US alone. And there a number of meetings that take place within a company which may be related to the general affairs of the business, financial matters, and boardroom conferences and so on. Every meeting needs to be recorded and transcribed. Usually one of the members of the administration department in the office is assigned this job of transcription however; accuracy and time management cannot be compromised. Therefore, transcription services such as ours currently pose as the need of the hour.

InterviewTranscriptionStar is here

We are not new in this field. We have a safe niche in the transcription service world, thanks to our very large customer base and consistent rate of high consumer satisfaction. InterviewTranscriptionStar has what every business requires. A team of experts to fulfil your transcription needs and prices worth coveting.

Our team

Our team is not made up of any Tom, Dick or Harry who knows to type. We have a very skilled and educated set of professionals who are committed to this work. All our transcribers are well-educated and are efficient in transcribing. This includes a skill to transcribe accents from many other countries as well.

Technicalities management

The team we assign for you is customised based on the nature of the meeting. And so, we understand business technicalities and complicated business guidelines too. We can work through multiple speakers and video conferences. In fact, we provide our recording equipments for your convenience if so required.

We keep quiet

Most business conferences and meetings require confidentiality. We understand that this is a competitive world and your biggest worries may be our sensitivity over keeping the secrets of business meetings. Our professionals agree to sign confidential agreements where you require. None of our team members are allowed to take work home. And so, our progress is live and updated to you constantly through our online databases.

The process

We guarantee our quality of transcription which is why every record goes through our interview transcripts twice. Our experts transcribe your recordings and we have a separate quality control team who scrutinize the transcriptions once more before delivery to ensure we have not missed a single word. And, we guarantee that our delivery is faster than any interview transcription service. Depending on the length of the recordings, our delivery can be as fast as the same day of order to a maximum of two days.

Interviewtranscriptionstar advantages:

  • Well trained professionals working on your needs
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Quick turn around time
  • 24*7*365 days customer support
  • Free trial programs to persuade you of our eminence
We are the only way

InterviewTranscriptionStar is the only way for your business interview transcriptions. Our rates are nearly half of other transcription services. We work all throughout the year every minute of every day. There is no match to our strength of efficiency and speed. But, if you still have doubts, feel free to try our sample service. Upload 30 minutes of your business recordings and see what we are worth. We will be your favourite service provider for ever.