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Making life on campus easier!

Most universities are stuck with academic interview transcripts that are startlingly inaccurate. The sweet transcriber you spoke to before sending across your recording now has no time to take your call. Why put up with unprofessional transcripts when there is a better choice?! Universities and educational institutions across the USA call us up anytime they need a transcript of their academic interviews.

University specific templates…

Do you waste your time arranging your transcripts into a template design followed by your university? There is a better way to work. InterviewTranscriptionStar has a vast online library of templates and design protocols followed by all major American universities. All you'll have to do is tell us what template you need. And in what document format you want your transcript in.

We also offer time stamped and time coded transcripts. In a nutshell you get all that you need without having to pay a single cent extra.

Most transcribers don't get jingoistic terms!

How many transcribers know how to spell duumvir or phthalaldehyde without blinking back tears? Tongue twisting scientific terms or medical terms are not going to delay your transcript or force you to correct spelling errors.

Our experienced transcribers can transcribe the most difficult of terms without batting an eyelid. Your transcripts will always be errorless and we save you the headache of proofing and correcting your files.

Why pay 40% more?

Our transcripts are perfect and go through a 3 tier quality check before reaching you. We never miss a deadline and stand by our TAT promises. And charge you a fraction of the cost most professional transcribing firms charge.

Cost savers!

Universities conduct academic interviews regularly and are in need of transcription support. We offer huge discounts for bulk volumes of work and for regular work assignments. And if you refer our services to your peers you get a referral discount as a token of our thanks.

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